• Coeur De Noir Eau De Parfum Sample

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    Coeur De Noir Eau De Parfum - Here we consider the relationship between the sea and the art it has inspired.  
  • Vi Et Armis Eau De Parfum Sample

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    Vi Et Armis Eau De Parfum -  Opium, tea, tobacco, whisky, incense and intense spice; as described by the critic Luca Turin as 'an alchemist's christmas party'. Paradoxical and challenging; singular and narcotic.
  • Fathom V Eau De Parfum Sample

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    Fathom V Eau De Parfum - [Fathom - A unit of length equal to six feet, chiefly used in reference to the depth of water] Broadly taking its inspiration from The Tempest (in which Shakespeare conjures images of violent weather, shipwrecks and magical islands), the chief theme of ‘Fathom V’ is a phrase gleaned from "Ariel’s Song" within the play. 'Sea-Change’, which we now have come to understand as ‘a transformation’ or ‘metamorphosis’ first appeared in the play, and has now passed into common usage. The eternally changing state of the sea - in constant flux between calm and wild - is our departure point here, explored though the use of seemingly contradictory raw materials in ‘overdosed’ concentrations: Salt meets earth, sparkling herbals blend with dark mosses, bright floral notes meet intense dark spices and pepper. By contrasting the above and below, light and shade, we imagine the shifting state of the sea: its intensity - the allure of its dark depths. A fragrance for the intrepid: challenging preconceptions of what ‘Aquatic’ truly means...
  • Lignum Vitae Eau De Parfum Sample

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    Lignum Vitae Eau De Parfum Inspired by the innovative use of materials that allowed 18th Century clockmakers to construct the first accurate marine chronometers, Lignum Vitae combines elements of wood, metal and salt to produce a truly unique, transportive fragrance. In combining unexpected and exotic raw materials, we celebrate the innovative spirit which brought to an end the search for lost time, and permitted the safe passage of ships across the world.
  • Iron Duke Eau de Parfum Sample

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    ‘REVENANTS’ presents a collection of olfactory impressions of figures from Britain’s past. Characters from our history whose presence lingers, subtly. Vol 1 – ‘Iron Duke’ is a tribute to Arthur Wellesley, Duke Of Wellington (1769 – 1852). Here, perfumer Julie Dunkley has created a strikingly powerful fragrance with animalic depths  – an apparition of the celebrated horseman, warrior politician and sartorial pioneer.
  • Come Hell Or High Water Discovery Set

    Come Hell Or High Water Discovery Set

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    The ‘Come Hell or High Water’ discovery set includes five 7.5ml travel sprays of each of the Eau De Parfum in the collection. Packaged protectively within an oil tanned leather roll, this durably packaged item is a move away from the traditional ‘sample set’ and offers a unique way to experience the entire collection. Produced and manufactured in Great Britain by hand. The Come Hell or High Water discovery set arrives in a black presentation box embossed with the BeauFort London logo. Each vial is refillable from our 50ml bottles. Leather is a natural product and each piece will have its own individual colour and texture characteristics. BeauFort London perfumes contain high levels of natural ingredients and their appearance may vary between batches due to seasonal variations in raw materials.
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    Tonnerre Eau De Parfum Sample

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    Tonnerre Eau De Parfum - The year in which Nelson both won the Battle of Trafalgar and lost his life: The year in which Sir Francis Beaufort introduced his ‘wind force scale’. The scent imagines moments within the battle itself.  Powerful accords of smoke, gunpowder, Blood and Brandy combine with sea spray and a penetrating citrus note. The fragrance is singularly bold in its composition, yet ultimately refined, provocative and unique.
  • Beaufort London samples Rake and Ruin

    Rake & Ruin Eau de Parfum Sample

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    In 1751 the novelist Henry Fielding proclaimed that ‘Gin-shops are undoubtedly the Nurseries of all manner of Vice and Wickedness.’ Seeking to illustrate this downfall of public virtue, between 1732-34 the English artist William Hogarth published eight canvases depicting A Rake’s Progress. One of Hogarth’s most infamous works, the protagonist Tom Rakewell’s ruin is depicted by his exposure to high living, prostitutes and gambling. Inspired by these Hogarth’s scenes of degeneracy within the Georgian metropolis we revive their spirit in Rake & Ruin - a fragrance capturing an evening in a tavern, where gin flows, good times are had, and the slide begins… This powerful Eau De Parfum (30% concentration) features the botanical ingredients of the drinks that filled the glasses, the dark woods of the floors on which they were spilt and animalic allusions to the debauched deeds that took place between them.
  • Beaufort London samples Terror and Magnificence
    Revenants Vol III - Terror & Magnificence takes its inspiration from the works of architect Nicholas Hawksmoor (1661- 1736) whose foreboding structures puncture London’s landscape. Hawksmoor - referred to as ‘the Devil’s architect’ - continues to provoke interest for his distinctive churches, which introduced elements of Egyptology into traditional ecclesiastical settings. These curious architectural details and his recent reputation as a Freemason has prompted speculation that occult symbolism influenced his methods, and imbued his designs with an inherent ‘terror and magnificence’.
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    Beaufort London Discovery Set

    2ml Beaufort London Discovery Set

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    For the first time we bring together our two extant collections – ‘Come Hell or High Water’ and ‘Revenants’ in a boxed Discovery Set - A journey through our first 7 years. The set contains eight vials – an opportunity to explore our method, our madness, and give an appreciation for what can happen when we step outside the conventional. Presented in a hand made box embossed with the BeauFort London logo, with an introductory booklet. All made in Great Britain

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