Coeur De Noir Eau De Parfum Sample

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Coeur De Noir Eau De Parfum – Here we consider the relationship between the sea and the art it has inspired.


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Beaufort London Coeur De Noir Eau De Parfum Sample

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3 reviews for Coeur De Noir Eau De Parfum Sample

  1. Tim Shulepov (verified owner)

    This is a great scent. The notes of ink and leather are prominent. Overall the scent is bold and unique, so unique that I can imagine that someone would not recognize it as a perfume. Super cool!

  2. Raven Wenner

    This sounds like something one would wear with tweeds to go researching in the London Library.

  3. Mark C in the US (verified owner)

    In the spirit of full disclosure, I was invited to review the scent by way of email from BeauFort, after purchasing a few samples. Ordinarily that throws me off –
    When Amazon immediately wants to know what I think of the watch battery I just bought, I hesitate to review it – it’s as if Uber wants my opinion about the inflation of the back left tire during my last ride. But when BeauFort asks me what I think of their concoctions, I instead imagine the Maserati brothers conference-calling to ask if my week-end test-drive of the Quattroporte was perhaps somehow adequate.
    My reviews of this house’s offerings will be carbon-copies – I’m absolutely not an expert, but even I recognized the authenticity, eccentricity, power, and quality in every vial I received.
    In sampling six or so, it seems to me that this house possesses a certain kind of guerlinade of its own, very distinguished and very modern; all the way to the dry-down I continued to enjoy the opening notes of each scent. The duration is terrific, but nobody sharing public spaces with me has remarked on the silage (But who does that? I wish everyone would).
    My precis: BeauFort is making super-strong juice, artful and bold.
    Everyone buy this, but Wait, Me First!

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