Founded in 2013 by musician Leo Crabtree, BeauFort London was informed by early experiences at sea and a very British obsession with the elements. Initially, the brand was a vehicle for only one product – handmade moustache wax in a billet aluminium case – a response to poorly executed male grooming products. 

Hands with BeauFort cast key in sand


Whilst exploring the poetics of fragrance production in these early experiments, it quickly became clear that this was where the brands focus should lie. As we dove into the history of perfume (a word derived from a Latin phrase “per fumum” meaning “through smoke”), it was decided that our fragrances should be built literally on this etymology, harnessing the many olfactory facets of smoke to create singular fragrance that seeks to evoke memories, both real or apparitional.


In 2015, we launched our first fragrance collection Come Hell Or High Water, initially with just three fragrances – TonnerreCoeur De Noir and Vi et Armis. The brand’s uncommon approach to fragrance execution, its utilisation of unusual ingredients in ‘overdosed’ concentrations and its darkly luxurious aesthetic drew both critical acclaim and consternation: the seed was sown.

Today the brand has developed into two full collections, launching Revenants in 2017 along with room fragrance and several special editions.The development of one Revenants fragrance, Rake + Ruin, inspired the creation of our sister brand BeauFort Spiriwhich explores the parallels between fragrance production and that of alcoholic spirits. 

To be continued...