Vi Et Armis Eau De Parfum

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Vi Et Armis Eau De Parfum –  Using the historical cargoes of British ships as its key notes, this addictive fragrance recalls the words of George Bernard Shaw: “Emotional excitement reaches men through Tea, Tobacco, Opium, Whisky and religion”

Paradoxical and challenging; singular and narcotic.  A 2ml sample of this product is available to buy for £5.00 here

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Beaufort London Vi Et Armis Eau De Parfum

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*This fragrance was previously available with a different name

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5 reviews for Vi Et Armis Eau De Parfum

  1. Bill Killinger

    …August, 1715, in the hours before midnight, somewhere in the Caribbean a Spanish galleon heavy in the water is barely making headway having hit a patch of dead wind and missed current. The hot dusty hull is full of tobacco, tea, spices, emeralds, gold, silver, and exotic riches, woods plundered from the Islands in this New World. The crew, hired, hot and restless from too much time spent in these doldrums, pass the hours below, gaming and drinking, wagering bets and listening for the cry from above that they have caught air. The lanterns on deck burn; smoldering wafts of heavy pitch smoke rise through the salty night air, caressing the mizenmast as it reaches towards the clear, starry heavens. Insects buzz around the flickering light as if in a dance, bored below, some deckhands sing a drunken Ballard; others stand broken, looking into the black, inky endless night waiting, Waiting for something to break.
    THIS is the smell of Vi Et Amazing! Just amazing.

  2. John Peirce

    You board the old ship and enter the captain’s cabin, with its wooden and leather furniture and bookcases filled with leather-bound books.
    It is warmed by a fire in the corner burning peat and logs.
    On the table are bowls of oranges, spices, tea and pipe tobacco, a box of cigars and an oily rag used to treat the timbers.
    As you absorb all the aromas emanating from around the room, you also notice faint whiffs of opium and incense hanging in the smoky air.

  3. Wendy Holden Picot

    I have happily been wearing Vi et Armis for three years! As a woman who dislikes florals and the like, I had been looking for a rich evocative whisky and smoke scent for ages and I can safely say that this fragrance never lets me down. I was reminded to write a review today because I applied it this morning (neck and two wrists) and can still smell myself now at 4pm! Speaking as a perfumista with many fragrances in my collection this is a very rare quality ….. while it is not for the faint hearted, strong individuals in search of original scents should take the leap! PS: my husband adores it on me, and he likes more traditional scents too.

  4. Ahimsa (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd bottle. I really appreciate these layered notes, longevity & unique scent. It’s my beard perfume! This is definitely a mature scent. Came in to work one day & it made the secretary blush.

  5. Stuart Freeman (verified owner)

    Strange, boozy, rich, dark, dank, excellent! Not a signature scent for every day and every where, but the right scent for the right time when you want to be just a little bit different but still smell great.

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