BeauFort London Acrasia - A review by Suzy Nightingale

20 Sep, 2023
BeauFort London Acrasia - A review by Suzy Nightingale

"All BeauFort fragrances are extraordinary and enticing journeys to wear: Acrasia, by perfumer Julie Dunkley with creative direction from Leo Crabtree, is no exception. It begins with a distinct note of wine, the kind that leaves lips stained, tongues blackened by morning. An intriguing metallic note gives the impression the wine has been served in a pewter goblet, sipped then thirstily gulped, with the coldest incense l've ever experienced merging fog and frost amidst a mythic forest tangled with uncanny roses. Are they real or part of this fragrant fever-dream?

Hours later, cinnamon sizzles, a flickering heat that pulses through amber. Lasting impressions: the juxtaposition of icy tendrils of incense smoke and glowing coals, smudged lips the colour of bruised petals, a flash of fur and undergrowth; the throaty purr of the hopelessly seduced reverberating through a thicket of thorns."

Suzy Nightingale - Journalist and co-host of On The Scent Podcast



Thank you for your kind words Suzy!


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