BeauFort Spirit

30 May, 2022
BeauFort Spirit

Introducing our sister company, BeauFort Spirit. The genesis of BeauFort lies in the fine fragrance business, where we have produced award winning fragrances since 2014.

In the rarefied world of fragrance production we learnt that combining citrus and wood oils imparts a ‘gunpowder’ effect to fragrance and flavours, a trick employed by our perfumers. We think of fragrances as spirits, conjuring spectres of the past to reckon with Britain's turbulent history, and ghosts of a future yet to come.

BeauFort Vs Gin on ice

This knowledge and an understanding of the careful balance of botanical ingredients required in luxurious elixirs, lead us to launch the spirit arm of the company, beginning with our award winning Fifty Seven sipping gin and more recently Three Tides Rum, which is oak smoked for the duration of three tides.

Three Tides Rum

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