“By way of introduction: 1st September 2015

We are extremely proud to unveil the “Come Hell or High Water” fragrance collection, the first chapter of our little tale. We hope that with these three Eau De Parfum we have created a tempestuous opening: striking, bold, a little contrary perhaps – the tone is now set.

The “fragments” you will find here are the footnotes to these olfactory tales as they unfold elsewhere. Here you will find an appendix of the intriguing, the curious, the bizarre: Grains of information that have inspired us to create stories and express them through scent.

It will become clear that at the core of our narratives is a history. The history of a nation; a personal history; an imagined and embellished history. Fragments of moments and of past lives that linger. The little contradictions, ironies and conflicts that exist in us all, that pique our curiosity and drive us forward.

More is yet to come, but in the mean time we hope you may enjoy our endeavours as you might a good book – one that you return to from time to time out of curiosity but keep reading purely for pleasure. More importantly however, we hope that you will allow our stories to become part of your own.