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  • A bottle of Absent Presence by BeauFort London
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Absent Presence Eau De Parfum

‘O absent presence, Stella is not here’

The fifth and final instalment of the Revenants collection draws inspiration from the Elizabethan poet Sir Philip Sidney. In his Sonnet sequence ‘Astrophel and Stella’ Sidney develops and captures the essence of a haunting… the presence of one that is always felt but never seen.

‘Now I, wit-beaten long by hardest fate,

So dull am, that I cannot look into

The ground of this fierce love and lovely hate,

Then some good body tell me how I do,

Whose presence absence, absent presence is;

Blesst in my curse, and cursed in my bliss.’


Character: Dark; enveloping; waves.


Comprising the highest level of natural ingredients of any BeauFort fragrance, Absent Presence explores its themes with typically ‘overdosed’ concentrations of violet leaf absolute, vetiver bourbon oil, smoky leather and black pepper oil. As with all the Revenants family, Absent Presence is presented as 30% Eau De Parfum. 

All 50ml fragrances are individually hand wrapped.

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Absent Presence Eau De ParfumA bottle of Absent Presence by BeauFort London